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One day I saw one of Angel’s videos. I felt a beautiful connection with her. I decided to contact her and sign up for the VIP program called: Let Go and Let’s Go, Create a Blueprint for Success.I  also read her book An Angel’s Journey, where she describes everything she went through in her life and how she was able to overcome all the obstacles.The way Angel coaches allows you to face codependency habits, fears and pain and then you learn to let go of them. My life has been transformed as I learned to heal from feeling unloved by my mother. With Angel’s help today I am happy to say that I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and I have healed and let go of resentment. Angel dedicates 100% of herself to her clients. Whenever I needed to text her she was always there to support me. It is so nice to know that I have someone I can count on.Angel consistently and artfully offered steps, insights and ideas to stretch me. As a result, I now have a greater willingness to stand up tall and strong for what I believe are the best strategies in situations throughout my life. I strongly recommend Angel’s  coaching programs and her book as well. They will give you the insight and tools to let go of your past and live a life you truly love!
Enny Suarez

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to work with Angel Goldin Dobbs specifically in her role as a Life coach. Her insight and guidance reflects a Kaleidoscope of experience and a depth, evident with kindness and compassion. The journey has touched on many components, facilitating growth through emotional exploration, role playing, and even academic acquisition. Ms. Dobb’s expertise is stellar. She has the ability to be an equal and maintain professionalism, while cheering on her client. It is with humility and enthusiasm that I recommend Angel as you explore your path to personal fullfilment.

If you are looking to create a dream life, consider yourself fortunate to have found Angel Goldin Dobbs. Working with Angel over the past three months I have experienced a world of love, support and guidance from one of the strongest women I have ever met. Angel’s highly tuned intuition and empathic strength gets to the heart of the matter at hand with NY style – straight to the point. She unearths the truth, addressing core issues all the while introducing you to your highest self and the one who holds your dreams for you while you’re off doing something else. If you are looking to create the life of your dreams you can rest assured, putting faith in yourself by choosing to work with Angel is the perfect choice.

After my divorce I struggled for many years with facing my reality.  I was simply in denial. However I will never forget the day that Angel Goldin Dobbs walked into my life at the right moment to show me ways to overcome my emotions. Angel has all the expertise in this and she herself has struggled in many ways throughout her own life. That is what she brings to the table; experience as well as proven techniques on how to help individuals like me to learn new positive attitudes and more successful approaches to life.  She never made false promises during my recovery, her expectations for me to heal and move forward were realistic in every aspect. She is a strong, well-educated Life Coach and most importantly she is compassionate. At this point in my life I feel more confident and at peace with myself. Thanks to all the tools that she shared with me I am able to overcome almost anything ahead in my life. I am happy and grateful and wanted to encourage anyone seeking transformational guidance to work with her.

I want to thank you for inviting me to your Vision Workshop for Dreambuilding. It was truly an introduction to a great life coach. I had been intrigued before the session by speaking with you about your training and your  passion to help others. Yet, I was still enlightened and inspired to hear more in depth about the journey you can offer. I was able to meet other people who had different agendas and obstacles. They too wanted to improve their overall fulfillment of life. I am a spiritual as well as realistic woman.  I felt most emotional about the ability to find your inner purpose.  This is something that will inevitably enrich others while equally giving self fulfillment.
Initially being shown an inspiring video by someone very influential in his career and personal life was surprising. It was thought prevoking because it incorporated the life coach work of transformation and  enlightenment. I want to share that I the  two other people I brought with me to this session were very inspired. I did not know if it would bring any value to them. I can say from feedback that these two individuals left with hope and positive energy that can only lead to something truly life changing. As it turned out I enrolled in the Dreambuilder program with one of the women that came to this event with me. I am so grateful to now be on this life changing journey and know I will grow and become the best version of myself.

With gratitude, Angelina

I just want to share that Angel truly is a heart centered, compassionate, transformational coach, who has helped guide so many people to live lives of purpose and meaning. It is my honor and priviledge to have experienced first hand her wonderful guidance, and mentorship. Jump on this chance to join her Dreambuilder course - it honestly is a life changing experience!
Tana Albrecht Harter

Angel has brought me to a different place of peace in my life, she has opened my world to a healing process and brought me to a cleansing cry. Her work is transformational, she is compassionate and understanding. She is inspiring as well as healing. I Highly recommend Angels services of many.

Thank you for helping me and so many others.

Hi Angel,

In writing this testimonial, I want to start by saying that working with you was an honor and a privilege! You were able to help me realize that I am capable of reaching any desire my heart has, as long as I'm able to operate from loving kindness and compassion! You helped me understand the law of attraction that teaches me anything I focus my thoughts on will manifest itself in my life, and that in order to get to places I want, I need to come from service, gratitude and forgiveness! And as long as I begin to understand the power of my focus and my thoughts, I'll understand how to achieve any goals I set.

You were a great mentor, and I look forward to continuing our journey!

Leonard K Sarro, LCSW-R

Angel is truly a heart centered, compassionate, transformation life coach, who has helped guide so many people to live lives of purpose, hope and meaning.  Her work supporting those who struggle with co-dependency is so desperately needed in a world where so many hurting people, have lost hope for recovery from this debilitating disease.  Angel’s kindness and depth of compassion, draws you in, as she takes you on a journey to wholeness and recovery.  Help is there, you are not alone, and once you read her story, you will learn the beauty of true transformation, available to us all.

Tana L. Harter