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Let Go and Let’s Go,
Codependency Solutions


What can I say about Angel. They call her “The Coaching Angel” and she IS. She is a licensed Transformational Coach and has changed my life. She has helped me and is continually helping me to cope with my addictions. My addictions are not to physical things but things like depression, anxiety and paralyzing fears. She is a port in the storm for my emotional well-being and I thank the Tao for bringing her into my life. She is now one of my closest friends and she will definitely change your life as she did mine.

Ira Epstein
Common Sense Media Communications

A coach is someone you seek when you are 100% committed to changing your life. Angel has transformed my life by showing me how to believe in “FAITH.” FAITH has transformed my life in the last 5 months we have been working together. She has given me “TLC” and “Tough Love” to keep me accountable in my life. She has guided me and given me the tools to transform from a “Victim” to a “Victor”! I can say that proudly now...

I was taught that true love comes from “with in” first. That’s a Big one! Another big one was to let go of FEAR that was holding me back in life.

Today I am a confident, secure and fearless woman with self love with Angel as my transformational coach. She has transformed my life!!

Sylvia Kruskopfs

Angel helped me tremendously with my visualization skills and applying this to my vision board. She helped me get clearer on what it is I want to create in this life. She has taken her training and created the dream builder workshop that I’d highly recommend to anyone who feels stagnant in their life and is trying to find a way to break through! She studied our questionnaires we filled out prior to the workshop and demonstrated genuine care in being there to guide us in moving forward. Very grateful to have attended this workshop.


One day I saw one of Angel’s videos. I felt a beautiful connection with her. I decided to contact her and sign up for the VIP program called: Let Go and Let’s Go, Create a Blueprint for Success.I  also read her book An Angel’s Journey, where she describes everything she went through in her life and how she was able to overcome all the obstacles.The way Angel coaches allows you to face codependency habits, fears and pain and then you learn to let go of them. My life has been transformed as I learned to heal from feeling unloved by my mother. With Angel’s help today I am happy to say that I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and I have healed and let go of resentment. Angel dedicates 100% of herself to her clients. Whenever I needed to text her she was always there to support me. It is so nice to know that I have someone I can count on.Angel consistently and artfully offered steps, insights and ideas to stretch me. As a result, I now have a greater willingness to stand up tall and strong for what I believe are the best strategies in situations throughout my life. I strongly recommend Angel’s  coaching programs and her book as well. They will give you the insight and tools to let go of your past and live a life you truly love!
Enny Suarez

This is a program that shifts the energy from core problems to acceptance and healing. It teaches elevated thinking along with a deep dive into the core hurts, hang-ups or habits that cause unmanageability in ones life. All compulsive behavioral patterns are worked thru with the compassion of a Heart Centered Coach.

After 38 years in my own Recovery from Codependency and Depression I am here to help serve others to heal, grow, recover and step into the fullness and greatness of their lives.

Please contact me for more information.