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“An Angel’s Journey”
Breakdowns To Breakthroughs

From Trials to Triumphs
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Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

Releasing in June on Amazon

Our journey on the road of life, is created in a series of moments and experiences, that shape the framework of how we view our world and ourselves. As an infant we are dependent on the love and nurturing of our parents, and other family members, to help us feel safe and secure in an unknown world. 

As we grow into adults, our self-image hangs in the balance as the messages of encouragement we receive from family and friends battle with negative messages of criticism or traumatic abuse, that dramatically impacts our view of ourselves and others.  We begin to doubt ourselves, and fall into patterns of coping, to desperately try to endear Life events push us to take on responsibility for people and events that in truth were never ours to own to begin with.   Desperately seeking to control the actions of others, we are often left numb, stuffing our ability to truly feel what we are experiencing, spiraling into a cycle of depression, guilt, and drugs to stop the pain.

Looking for any sign of approval, we fall into a vicious cycle of behaviors that we believe will make those around us love and accept us.  Behaviors of people pleasing, perfectionism, manipulation, and growing dependency on what others think of us, to name a few. We lose ourselves in the process, spiraling out of control, as we desperately try to change our situation.  We think building our happiness upon a crumbling foundation of other’s happiness, will bring us ultimate joy and peace.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.

In “An Angel’s Journey Breakdowns to Breakthroughs”, Angel, takes us on a journey from hopelessness to hopefulness, and shares intimately with her audience, the pain of co-dependency, it’s origination, and the proof of recovery, through doing the intimate work within ourselves, to make us whole.  Her story is one of deep pain, resilience, and ultimately triumph over the depression, anxiety, addiction that encircled her life for so many years.  Her vulnerability, and passion to help others move forward to live lives of passion and purpose, is a beacon of light for those struggling with co-dependency and its aftermath.

Tana L. Harter

Career and Transformation Life Coach